Capillary Action Ceramic


The principle of Capillary Action is like sponge could suck water from bottom up. The bottom of Capillary Action Ceramic pot is just like sponge, which has many tiny holes, could suck up water to supply water to plant roots. Conventional plant watering losses up to 90% of water and awkward to maintain. Newly designed Capillary Action Ceramic is environmental friendly for growing plant. The benefits include saving water usage, easy maintenance, and very suitable for indoor decoration.

CAC is capable for supplying water to plant for up to 7 to 14 days, without need to worry about re-watering in between, which is friendly to frequent traveler.

Capillary action is smart enough to control water supply to plant, which keep the roots of plant slightly moist but still with very good air circulation inside. Even Cactus, succulent plants, and orchid, which plants are sensitive to over-watering could grow very well with it.

Benefits of Capillary Action Ceramic

1. Isolated and sealed water storage. No need to worry mosquito and water contamination.

2. The water supply is controlled by environmental temperature. The higher the temperature, more water will suck up and vice versa.

3. Supplying water to roots directly from below. There would be no lime scale build up on leaves and on surface of pot, a problem with top watering, which deteriorate the appearance of plant.

Growing Tips

1. The plant should keep in well lighted place, with good air circulation.

2. Once it is transplanted at least 1 month, foliar fertilizer could spray on surface of plants to keep ideal growth. Granular fertilizer could also be used as top dressing.

3. Just transplanted plant may causes leaves yellowing depend on variety. Please remove the yellow leaves to conserve the nutrient of plant. The new leaves will grow back once roots have established within 1 month.

4. With plant grower bigger in size, please change to appropriate bigger size pot for it to continue growing.

5. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of white vinegar into water to prevent algae growth.