About Us

As the leading company in Taiwan, Seven Luck Nurseries Co., Ltd. has decades of experience in importing and exporting of tropical plants, seedlings, and seeds with over 100 countries.

Our main products are Pachira macrocarpa, Cycas revoluta, Dracaena Sanderiana, Rhapis excelsa and various foliage plants.

We have great knowledge of growing plants and have expertise of treating plants to meet quarantine requirements in various countries.   Usually, the plants for export always would suffer growth stunt and some losses due to long time of shipment.  We are able to make treatments to the plants that they will minimize the losses during shipment and able to grow back quickly once arrived and planted.

We look forward for more business partners for global markets.


Address: No. 76, Sec. 3, Funong Road, Tianwei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 52242

Tel: +886-4-8831787

Fax: +886-4-8834037